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IM planned to target Puri Rath Yatra ?

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
New Delhi/ Bhubaneswar :

If sources are to believed, the Puri Rath Yatra which attracts nearly a million devotees and tourists every year was a target of the Indian Mujahideen’s (IM).

A source in Delhi claimed that this is what two arrested IM members revealed during an interrogation by a special cell of Delhi police.

Rath Yatra

The source said two arrested IM cadres Tehsin Akhtar and Pakistani bombmaker Waqas told the interrogators that their outfit had planned to target the Rath Yatra in Puri and create a stampede-like situation by planting serial bombs to ensure maximum casualties.

“It is a cock-and-bull story that is making rounds in media circles. The IM cadres have not said anything of this kind to a Delhi police. Someone must have added Puri Rath Yatra to the IM target just to create undue sensation and panic” a senior police official told OST.

While admitting that Delhi police had shared some details with them about IM operatives visiting the state, the official said these wild claims by rumour-mongers were found to be wholly incorrect, imaginary and baseless.

The Delhi source also claimed that IM operatives have also said there were plans to carry out a second attack on Bodh Gaya because the first attempt ended in a whimper. Bodh Gaya was an important target, they said, because it would get them worldwide attention, sources said.