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India prepares contingency plan for poor monsoon


New Delhi, June 9 :

Amid severe heat wave in most part of the country and delay in monsoon, President Pranab Mukherjee Monday said the government is alert and preparing contingency plans to tackle the problem.

(IANS pic)
(IANS pic)

“My government is alert about the possibility of a sub-normal monsoon this year and contingency plans are being prepared,” Mukherjee said while addressing the joint session of the two houses of parliament in the Central Hall.

During the course of his 55-minute address, the president outlined the new government’s agenda.

He said containing food inflation would be the topmost priority of the government.

“There would be an emphasis on improving the supply side of various agro and agro-based products. My government will take effective steps to prevent hoarding and black marketing,” he said.

“It will reform the Public Distribution System, incorporating best practices from the states,” the president added.  (IANS)