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‘India deeply concerned about terrorism’


New Delhi, Oct 21:

India is deeply concerned about terrorism, National Security Adviser Ajit Doval said Tuesday.

Ajit Doval, NSA (source: outlookindia.com)
Ajit Doval, NSA
(source: outlookindia.com)

“Terrorism is much more intense and expanded, India is deeply concerned. There is a need for comprehensive UN convention on terrorism with prescribed unified response,” Doval said while addressing the Munich Security Conference Core Group Meeting here.

He added: “We consider China an important neighbour. We had some bad experiences earlier, have some dispute but we have to sit and find a solution.”

Doval also said that India was concerned about attack from cyber space and maritime security.

“Terrorism to some extent can be tackled, but cyber space is something which is totally new and somebody can attack you, your private individual, the defence system, the critical infrastructure, government locomotives and power generation can be targeted by facilities which is totally out of your reach,”he added.