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Indecisive leaders, angry youth spelt Congress defeat: Pawar


Mumbai, Dec 9 :

The angry youth, new voters and indecisive leaders are responsible for the Congress defeat in the four states Sunday, Nationalist Congress Party chief and union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar said here Monday.

Sharad Pawar
Sharad Pawar

“People need strong, decisive and result-oriented leaders. They do not want weak rulers, but they want those who will formulate policies and programmes for poor and implement them with firmness,” Pawar said in a statement on his blog.

Hitting out at the Congress leadership without naming anyone, Pawar said the outcome in the four states has raised questions that require serious thinking from not only the Congress, but the rest of us too.

“The youth played a big role in this poll that led to Congress’ defeat. They used the ballot to vent out their anger. The new generation, the young voters had their say in these elections and they have given a clear indication of their anger through ballot,” Pawar said without mincing words.

He pointed out that the Gen-Next wants leaders who are decisive about their stands and the policies.

“When such confidence is lacking in the rulers, other power centres are likely to spring. This was the big lesson to be learnt from the Assembly election results. Of late, weak leadership at various levels has given rise to a bunch of pseudo ‘activist’ who has no connect with ground reality,” Pawar said. (IANS)