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Inclusion of Koshali in 8th Schedule demanded


Reported by Chinmaya Dehury 

Bhubaneswar, Dec 11:

Sambalpuri-Koshali Bhasa Pratisthan today submitted a memorandum to Governor SC Jamir urging him to direct the state government to recommend the language for inclusion in the 8th schedule of Constitution of India and accord it second language status in the state.

Sriballav Panigrahi
Sriballav Panigrahi

“The Constitution of India has incorporated various languages within the 8th Schedule. In course of time, about 22 languages have been recognized by the constitution and 11 languages are under active consideration of the Union government to include these in the 8th Schedule. The Sambalpuri-Koshali language should also get constitutional recognition,” said Sriballav Panigrahi, chairman of the organization, which has been spearheading the movement to get constitutional recognition to the language used in the western Odisha.

Stating that about 1.5 crore people use the language in the state and also a portion in Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand, Panigrahi also demanded that the state government give it recognition as the second language of the state.

He accused the state government of not recommending to the Centre the Sambalpuri-Koshali language for inclusion in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution.

“Several state governments have already urged the Central government to accord recognition to certain languages in use in their states. Despite petitions, prayers and clamours, the state government does not appear to have taken up this issue for whatsoever reason. This has sent a signal that western Odisha, the most productive region of the state, has not received due attention on many issues including that of the language,” said Panigrahi.

It is to be noted 1652 languages are being used across the country, while 22 languages have been included in 8th Schedule of Constitution and 38 languages, including Koshali, are under consideration of the Centre.

Some educational institutions are already imparting education in Sambalpuri-Koshali language at primary level in schools. However, the organization demanded that an exclusive academy in line with Odisha Sahitya Academy should be set up to recognize and reward excellence in all genres of literature in Sambalpuri-Koshali.