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IDCO identifies 9, 500 acres land for industries in Odisha


Reported by Chinmaya Dehury

Bhubaneswar, June 17:

The Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (IDCO), which in process of creating a land bank to provide litigation free land for industrial purposes, has identified 9500 acres of land at various places in the state while 1300 acres have been sanctioned in favour of the nodal agency for land acquisition.

idco“Requisition has been filed with revenue authorities for acquisition and alienation of land measuring 9500 acres of land bank in the state. However, till date, only 1300 acre of land has been sanctioned in favour of IDCO,”said a senior official of the state PSU with the mandate to develop industrial infrastructure.

He informed that the regional heads have been instructed to identify land patches of land across the state, where industries can grow and pursue the matter with the Tehsildars.

It is to be noted that IDCO has been asked to create a land bank by acquiring in advance land where there is scope for developing industrial hubs so that serious players can be provided this basic input to put up industries.

The land bank to be created by IDCO will meet the requirements of the small, medium and large scale industries.

Since big ticket projects like Posco, Sahara Power and JR Powergen are struggling to acquire land for setting up their units due tolocal resistance, creation of land bank would enable the coming industries to set up their projects in hasslefree land.