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I love Odisha, it’s like my home: Future Group founder Kishore Biyani


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, May 5:

Industrialist Kishore Biyani, who created revolution in fashion store, is ruling the retail industry through the brands like Big Bazaar, FBB, Brand Factory and Central. He is founder and CEO of Future Group, a leading conglomerate that was the first to launch mall movement in Odisha in form of Big Bazaar.

‘Eastern Media Limited’ Managing Director Monika Nayar Patnaik grabbed an opportunity to discuss with the business tycoon, who made history of success in India, about future of retail business in country, future planning expansion of the business in Odisha and many more.

Q. You have presence is in Odisha through varieties of stores. What are next plans for the State?

Ans. I love Odisha and it is just like my home. All the popular formats of Future Group such as Big Bazaar, Brand Factory and Central are existing in Odisha. We are trading in the places including Keonjhar, Jharsuguda and Sambalpur. We are going to open Big Bazaar in Puri soon. We are planning to open the stores in locations in Odisha where the population is more than 1.5 lakh and above. The income from Odisha is encouraging.

Q. What are the planning of Future Group for Odisha?

Ans. (Laughing) we are the retail shop, what investment we will make. We will continue the way we need to work. For me Odisha is a developed state where we want to strengthen our relation with the customers. The customers in Odisha are better than other states. The tendency of customers for spending money in Odisha is quite good as compared to other cities.

Q. How is your daughter cooperating you in business?

Ans. Very nicely. Few days ago, my younger daughter had visited Bhubaneswar with me and she was impressed to see the wide and clean roads and beauty of the city.

Q. What will you give message for Odisha people?

Ans. Odisha has all kinds of opportunities to become the richest state in India. While the State’s population is recorded less, valuable resources are in stock under ground. I do not find any reason that Odisha will not become No. 1 state in India. However, people need to try for achieving the success.

Q. What is the future of retail industry? What will be its status after five years?

Ans. The product, which is used in one generation, the taste gets changed in next generation. The trend will continue in future too. As the retail seller, we will continue to work towards meeting customers’ requirements by making new products available in different segments.

Q. With the advancement of e-commerce market in India, will there be any impact on the retail market?

Ans. E-commerce companies are selling products to people. The retailers are also selling the products. It depends on the people whether they will go for digital shopping or move to retail stores for buying products. So, it is not matter of concern.