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‘Hurt’ Gajapati King blames politics for temple indiscipline


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Puri, Jun 18:

Expressing anguish over the departure from tradition caused by the inordinate delay in the Brahma Parivartan of the deities in the Shri Jagannath temple in Odisha’s Puri town on Tuesday, Gajapati Maharaja Divyasingh Dev today said he was as hurt as any other devotee by the unfortunate incident.

Gajapati Maharaj Sri Dibyasingh Deb
Gajapati Maharaj Sri Dibyasingh Deb

“There was no break in the tradition, but a gross deviation from the tradition. The Daitapati servitors in charge of Brahma Parivartan rituals should discharge their duties as per the tradition and the Records of Rights of the temple. If any one else insists on being present at the time of the rituals, this is totally wrong and he should not be allowed,” the Gajapati said in an exclusive interview to a local TV channel here today.

Asked who he held responsible for the violation of the tradition, Dev said; “We should wait for the investigation of the chief administrator of the temple administration to find out what exactly transpired that day. He will get the datails during his investigation and initiate disciplinary action against the guilty.”

He said the chief administrator had a meeting with the Daitapatis on this grave incident, which has severely hurt the sentiments of million of devotees.

Replying to a question on why proper action is not being taken against the group of persons responsible for creating indiscipline, he said this might be due to political interference.

“My view is, there should not be any political interference in the work of the temple administration. When there are repeated acts of indiscipline and yet no action is taken, there has to be a reason for this,” he said without elaborating too much on exactly he meant.

The Shrimandir is above politics. It belongs to everybody including all political parties and leaders. It should not be used for vote bank politics,” he noted.

Expressing his profound grief over the incident, the Gajapati Maharaja said the Lord wants to tell the devotees; “See, what is my plight is now; how my personal work is being interfered with. Won’t you take note of it? Will you continue to remain silent to the injustice being meted out to me?”