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Hurdles cleared for singing of ‘Rangabati’ at Asian Athletics Championships


Sambalpur: Finally, the hurdles against the singing of Sambalpuri cult song ‘Rangabati’ by noted singer and composer Shankar Mahadevan and his troupe at the opening ceremony of the 22nd Asian Athletics Championships at the Kalinga Stadium on July 5 are over.

The original singers of the ‘Rangabati’ Jitendra Haripal and Krishna Patel, lyricist Mitrabhanu Gountia and music director Prabhudutt Pradhan, who had initially refused permission to the Sports Department for the singing of the song by Shankar Mahadevan, finally gave their consent after Sambalpur Collector Samarth Verma discussed the matter with them.

They have given their no objection for the performance but have put a condition that the originality of the song should be maintained.

“The state government wants to go in the legally appropriate manner. For that reason, I had asked them to come. They are very happy and feeling proud. They have given their ‘no objection’. They have kept one condition that the song’s originality should be maintained during the performance. I will accordingly convey the message to the government,” informed Sambalpur Collector Samarth Verma to reporters here.

“They have acknowledged us. They have taken us into count. They felt that we should be consulted. I salute Shankar Mahadevan, who is the son of Goddess Saraswati. What can give me more pleasure than him singing ‘Rangabati’ in his voice?” asked Jitendriya Haripal after their meeting with the Collector.