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Hundreds queue up to worship ‘miracle’ neem tree in Odisha


Kendrapara: Hundreds of locals are gathering at Luni Mathia village under Petachela panchayat in Mahakalapada block of Odisha’s Kendrapara district ever since news spread that milk-like liquid was oozing from a neem tree.

Believing it to be a miracle, locals have transformed the neem tree at one Sukul Majhi’s garden to a place of worship.


Considering the oozing to be holy liquid, villagers from nearby villages are queuing up to offer prayers with incense sticks, wicker lamps and flowers as offering.

The milk-like liquid which has been oozing from the tree for the last six days is being considered as god’s charanamrit by the locals, who are consuming it and claim it to be sweet in taste.


“This is nothing but god’s wonder. The reason being resin oozes from neem tree but here milk is oozing. Even leaves of this neem tree taste sweet,” said the priest worshipping the tree.

Locals believe that the tree could be anyone of the trio-Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra or Devi Subhadra who has appeared in their village .