Home BIG STORY Theft from Hundi in Odisha’s Puri Gundicha temple

Theft from Hundi in Odisha’s Puri Gundicha temple


Puri: In a shocking incident, the offerings by devotees were stolen from hundi of Lord Jagannath in Gundicha temple in pilgrim town Puri. An FIR will be lodged by the chief administrator of Shree Jagannath Temple Administration in this connection.

According to reports, the miscreants stole lakhs of rupees by cutting the hundi, which was placed at Garudastmbha (Garuda pillar) near Jagamohan of Gundicha temple.

However, the amount stolen from the hundi is yet to be ascertained.

Reacting to the incident, Daitapati Ramachandra Dasmohapatra said, “Action will be taken if the robber will be caught”.

Chief Administrator Pradip Jena said that CCTV camera will be installed inside the temple after discussing with Chhatisa Nijog and managing committee.

The incident occurred just two days after Lord Jagannath along with siblings made their way back to Srimandir after seven-day stay at Gundicha Temple during his nine-day long Ratha Jatra festival.