HRMS Odisha Payslip 2023, Employee Pay Slip, Login

HRMS Odisha, which stands for Human Resource Management System Odisha, is an online portal ( that has been developed by the Government of Odisha for its employees. This system aims to streamline the HR processes and provide a centralized platform for employees to access information related to their salary, leave management, and other HR-related activities. With the implementation of HRMS Odisha, the government aims to enhance transparency, efficiency, and employee satisfaction.

HRMS Odisha Objectives

The primary objective of HRMS Odisha is to digitize and automate the HR processes for the employees of the Government of Odisha. By doing so, it aims to eliminate manual paperwork and reduce the administrative burden on HR personnel. Additionally, HRMS Odisha intends to provide employees with easy access to their personal information, such as salary details, leave balances, and other relevant documents. This will not only improve employee satisfaction but also enable them to make more informed decisions regarding their career and benefits.

HRMS Odisha Portal Benefits

The HRMS Odisha portal offers several benefits to the employees of the Government of Odisha. Firstly, it provides a user-friendly interface that allows employees to easily access their personal information, such as payslips, leave balances, and other relevant details. This eliminates the need for employees to visit HR offices for routine inquiries, saving time and effort for both employees and HR personnel. Furthermore, the portal ensures transparency in salary calculations and deductions, as all information is available online for employees to view. This helps in building trust and credibility among the employees.

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Steps to Login on the HRMS Odisha Portal

To log in on the HRMS Odisha portal i.e., employees need to follow a few simple steps. Firstly, they need to visit the official HRMS Odisha website. Then, they should enter their employee ID and password provided by the government. Once they have entered their credentials, they can click on the login button to access the portal. If an employee forgets their password, there is an option to reset it by clicking on the “Forgot Password” link and following the instructions provided.

Steps to Download Odisha HRMS Payslip

Employees can easily download their HRMS Odisha payslip by following a few steps. After logging into the HRMS Odisha portal, they need to click on the “Payroll” tab. From there, they should select the desired month for which they want to download the payslip. Once the month is selected, employees can click on the “Download Payslip” button to get a PDF copy of their payslip. This allows employees to keep a record of their salary and easily access it whenever needed.

Steps to Register Mobile Number

To register a mobile number on the HRMS Odisha portal, employees need to navigate to the “Profile” section after logging in. Within the profile section, there will be an option to update personal information, including the mobile number. Employees can click on the “Edit” button next to the mobile number field and enter their updated mobile number. After making the necessary changes, employees should save the updated information by clicking on the “Save” button. This ensures that employees receive important updates and notifications via SMS on their registered mobile number.

HRMS Odisha Property Statement

HRMS Odisha also offers a feature known as the Property Statement, which allows employees to track and manage their property details. To access this feature, employees need to log in to the HRMS Odisha portal and navigate to the “Property” section. Here, they can view details of their property, such as land, buildings, vehicles, etc. Employees can also update their property details, including any additions or disposals, by clicking on the “Update” button. This feature ensures that employees have easy access to their property information and can keep it up to date.

In conclusion, HRMS is an online portal that aims to streamline the HR processes for the employees of the Government of Odisha. With its user-friendly interface and features such as payslip download, mobile number registration, and property statement, HRMS provides numerous benefits to employees. By leveraging technology, the government is able to enhance transparency, efficiency, and employee satisfaction, leading to a more streamlined and effective HR management system.

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