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Here’s how to effortlessly carry summer outfits to your winterwear wardrobe

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Bhubaneswar: Odisha winter is not too cold; yet chilly mornings and cold winter evenings makes one crave for thick wollen quilts and a piping cup of hot beverage. From monkey caps to wollen socks, we stock our winterwear arsenal in an attempt to combat the cold weather.

However, these garments are used for a couple of months and get stashed behind the cupboard or stuffed in a trunk for a better part of the year. The major contents of the wardrobe with summer outfits however are not enough to keep one cosy during the freezing season.

Odisha Sun Times is in a mood to hand out some handy tricks on blending your summer clothes with winter wear:

Just because T-shirts are summer favorites doesn’t mean we should steer clear of them during winter. Contrasting tees can be paired with printed hooded sweatshirts or denim jackets to stay warm. They can be matched with a chic pair of sneakers or espadrilles too to complete the look.

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Kurtas can be coupled with cardigans and sweaters with vibrant stoles and scarves, along with a pair of woollen leggings or contrast jeggings or  to brave the cold weather. It’s also time to take out the ethnic jackets and waitscoats to be sported with kurtas.

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Stockings and socks (ranging from crew height to over the knee) are best friends of short dresses, skirts, capris and shorts and rompers. These complement a pair of boots, stilettoes or pumps, as well! All open-toed footwear can be teamed with socks of various shades, prints and designs to keep the feet warm.

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Drape an embellished or a heavily embroidered shawl or stole over your partywear outfits. This way, you can flaunt the party ensemble while staying warm and comfortable.

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All your summer formal wear can be worn beneath a dapper blazer or faux fur jacket to work as you get office ready. Don’t forget to twin the formal shirt with a satchel bag.

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If you are a fan of flowy floral print dresses of any length and are wondering what to do with those during winter, here’s a word of advice: Shrugs. Team them with woollen or knitted shrugs of solid colours and varying length and throw in a sling bag and a pair of ankle-length boots for a complete look.

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Strappy tops, blouses  and dresses can be sported over a turtle neck sweater and topped with a beanie or a golf cap to make an effortlessly chic style statement.

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