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Help at last for orphaned Odisha girl fending for sick brother, sister


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Berhampur, Oct 4:

In an exemplary tale of courage and fortitude, an orphaned little girl in Odisha, who herself is in her teens, has fended for her younger brother and sister suffering from acute malnutrition.


A native of Koraput, Manika’s struggle for survival for her two siblings started after her father deserted them and their mother died.

Manika never had the good fortune of going to school; she worked as a house maid tying her little sister on her back. Radha, her brother, worked as a cowherd. Life was a struggle for the three siblings, but they managed somehow. Sometimes, neighbourhood Anganwadi used to provide the orphaned children meals. But the gods were not kind to them. Radha fell sick and became very weak. Soon, her two-year old sister Kamala also feel ill.

After their health deteriorated, Manika took her severely malnourished and anaemic brother and sister to Koraput hospital on 27th September. After the news of their plight came out in the media, the Koraput Child welfare officer met them. They sent them to MKCG Medical College and Hospital in Berhampur for better treatment.

Things began to change for the threesome after they reached Berhampur. Assurances of help started coming in after media reports about their ordeal.

Berhampur MLA Ramesh Chandra Chyau Patnaik has assured all possible help and free medical treatment for the brother and sister.

The Hindi teacher of Anslo High school Bipin Bihar Lenka has donated one month’s salary towards treatment of the siblings.

“The paediatric ward doctors and all staff are taking good care of the brother and sister. Their treatment will be free,” said Professor Ashok Kumar Behera, MKCG hospital superintendent.