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No health risk from cell phone radiation: Experts


New Delhi, June 19 :

Radiations emitted by mobile phones and towers do not cause any health hazard, experts said here Thursday.

Myths without any reasonable scientific basis have been floated by people with vested business interests that electromagnetic field emissions (EMF) cause health hazard, they said.
Rigorous and independent scientific studies across the globe have been carried out to dispel the fear of health hazard from mobile tower antenna and phones.

Experts were speaking at a panel discussion on “Mobile network and public health” organised by the COAI, a leading mobile communications association.

They stressed that people, who believe that radiations are really harmful, are not fully aware and should understand this perception clearly.

“Ionising radiation causes damages to the molecules – they break the chemical bonds and can cause health hazards. But non-ionising radiation from mobile tower and antenna do not cause the breakage of bonds and do not cause damage to the molecules,” said R.V. Hosur, senior professor, Chemical Science, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.

“A number research and studies have been conducted around the globe to ascertain if there is any relationship between the radiation emission from the mobile phone and cancer. However there is no enough evidence providing mobile phones causes cancer in humans,” he added.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), over six billion people use mobile phones to communicate with one another.

“The radiation waves used in the mobile phones technology are probably at the lowest end of the electromagnetic spectrum and do not cause any health hazard,” said Rakesh Jalali, Radiation Oncologist at Tata Medical Centre.



  1. Non-ionising radiation does cause DNA damage! Research published in April 2014 has proven how cell phone radiation damages DNA in a two-stage process involving ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species). DNA damage was previously shown by Dr. Henry Lai with proof of DNA single and double strand breaks at levels below currently accepted safe FCC exposure levels, however the mechanism was not discovered until now. This is the reason the wireless industry has launched this latest round of propaganda and lies! Visit http://www.rfsafe.com for the latest research and studies on cell phone radiation

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