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Haryana campaign: Modi attacks Hooda over Vadra-DLF land deal


Hisar (Haryana), Oct 6 :

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Monday urged the Election Commission to take “appropriate action” over the Haryana government’s approval of a controversial land deal between Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra and realty giant DLF.

Robert Vadra
Robert Vadra

Modi said it was for the poll panel to take cognizance and “appropriate action” in this matter since the Bhupinder Singh Hooda government had violated the model code of conduct by granting the approval ahead of the Oct 15 assembly elections.

“It looks as if the ‘danda’ (pressure) has come from the top. The Election Commission should take cognizance and appropriate action in this regard,” Modi told a BJP election rally in this Haryana town.

“This action shows that Hooda and the Congress have accepted defeat in the forthcoming polls and are trying to approve such matters,” he said.

The Rs.58-crore land deal between Vadra’s company and DLF was cancelled in October 2012 by Ashok Khemka, a senior IAS officer in Haryana.

Ridiculing the Congress, Modi said: “The Congress should be ashamed. It has not given an account of its 60 years of sins while in the government. But they are questioning my government after just 60 days.”