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Handcuffed D-brothers threaten media and police!  


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Cuttack, Feb 27:

Gangster Dhalasamanta brothers today lost their cool and threatened the cops and shouted at the reporters while being taken to their CDA based Metaphor Trans Corporation Pvt Ltd office in Odisha’s Cuttack.

sushil dhalasamanta

Possibly agitated over being handcuffed and made to walk in an area they once had a huge influence on, the visibly agitated brothers started screaming and shouting when they saw media covering the incident.

Commissionerate Police had handcuffed both brothers and made them walk about half kilometre in full public glare till the Metaphor office for further investigation.

As per reports, while one of the brothers asked the other about the presence of media at the scene, the other replied saying the ACP and the Inspector might have called them.

“Will see you after we get back from jail,” the brothers were heard threatening the said ACP and the Inspector.

Similarly, even though handcuffed, the younger brother Sushil Dhalasamanta screamed at the reporters covering the incident and attempted to push away their cameras while the older brother Sushant hurled expletives at them in full public and police presence.

Meanwhile, the police scanned through the Metaphor office and found forged identity cards among other documents. As per police sources, once of the PAN cards found in the premises bear Sushil Dhalasamnt’s photo but the name has been mentioned as Sunil Patnaik.

In a related development, the Commissionerate Police interrogated the owner of the HIG Duplex in Pokhariput under Airfield Police Station in connection with renting the house to the Dhalasamanta brothers.

Notably, the Orissa High Court on Wednesday had allowed the Commissionerate Police to handcuff Sushil Dhalasamant and Sushant Dhalasamant during investigation. After the SDJM Court rejected the plea of the Commissionerate Police to handcuff the brothers, they had moved the upper court on Monday citing that the it is  highly dangerous to take them outside the jail without handcuffs.