Rajgarh, June 4:

The authorities in this district of Madhya Pradesh have made it compulsory for a person seeking a firearm licence to first cite proof that they have a toilet at home.

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“If someone can spend Rs 50,000 on a gun, he might as well spend a few thousand rupees on providing a toilet in their homes. So we decided to link an arms licence to the presence or absence of a proper toilet,” District Collector Tarun Pithode told IANS.

An application for a firearm licence would have to be accompanied by a documentary proof or declaration of a toilet at home, which would then be verified, sources said.

Only after that verification would the application begin to get processed, they said.

Owning a licensed gun is a matter of honour for many people across Madhya Pradesh.

Rajgarh too has such people.

On an average, about 700 applications for firearm licences are received annually in Rajgarh district. (IANS)