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Gujarat, Goa lead in buying sexual wellness products


New Delhi, Dec 24:

People in states like Gujarat, Goa, Bihar and Kerala lead in the purchase of sexual wellness products in the country, according to a new study.

Goa Massage ParlourGujarat leads in the number of adult game sales in India with 17 percent, while Goa notched 14 percent of the total purchase of massage oils, according to a new study conducted by ThatsPersonal.com, an online adult store, offering a range of sex products, sex toys and personal care products.

“This report is based on 30 months of internal traffic and sales data, customer feedback and interactions and a few qualitative surveys. The universe considered is 35,000 buyers on ThatsPersonal.com from all across the country and more than 2 million visitors’ behaviour on the site,” said Samir Saraiya, CEO, ThatsPersonal.com.

The research also found that 23 percent of purchases from Bihar were male performance enhancers whereas Kerala led the sale of condoms at an impressive 76 percent.

While the metros dominate the charts with the highest number of sales, with Mumbai taking a lead, there’s a steady increase of awareness of products in tier-II and tier-III cities.

Tier-II cities have seen larger growth, tier-III cities see a larger basket size per order. In the top rank among the tier-II cities are Jaipur, Surat and Lucknow.

Despite the social stigma that still surrounds the market, Indian audiences are beginning to see this sector as essential and not just something frivolous.

As far as sale of overall products is concerned, the research noted that 10 percent sales are for women’s hygiene and arousal, 13 percent for edible products, 17 percent for male performance products, 20 percent for lubricants, 15 percent for sexy lingerie, 12 percent for condoms and others, 8 percent for men’s innerwear and 5 percent for pleasure rings.