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Govt medical college admission scam spreads wings in Odisha


Reported by Sandeep Lenka
Bhubaneswar, Jul 12:  

As the new academic season sets in, the admission fixers are spreading their wings all over Odisha. This time, students seeking admission in medical colleges are their primary target.

medical admission scamAs we found out recently, these fixers run an organized racket and recruit people to keep themselves out of direct loop. Parents are charged up to 40-45 lakh rupees to get their children admitted to government medical colleges. Similarly, these rackets also tend to fix seats for engineering and management institutes for hefty prices.

While some of the parents have already paid their money to such fixers, they are in deep trouble after the Supreme Court ordered to conduct the examination again.

In a recent case, one of the fixers directly approached a parent seeking Rs 45 lakh to get her daughter an admission in a government college, who otherwise couldn’t have secured a rank fit to get an admission there. After a long bargain, the deal was closed at Rs 42 lakh.

The panicky mother, however, called us up and requested our presence during the exchange and we obliged. We noticed two 20-22 year old man who arrived at the resident of the parent to collect the money and assured her that her job would be done after his boss reaches Delhi the next day.

Upon speaking to the young lads and a bit of tricky questioning, we discovered that they run a office in Jayadev Vihar and have been in business since past three years. One of them identified himself to be a student of Utkal University, Vani Vihar. They also admitted that they have been working for some commission from the main fixer, even though they didn’t reveal the location of their office or the name of the main fixer.

Given the reluctance of the parent to pay upfront, the matter was notified to the lady (main fixer who called up the parent) by one of the two lads.  The lady in turn convinced us to pay in every possible way.

After our request to visit her at her office to discuss the matter further, she was clearly taken aback and requested us to pay a post dated cheque in case of a trust deficiency.

To be on the safe side, we did issue a cheque, but from an invalid account. We received another call from them stating the account is invalid and they are not going to get the job done.

One thing, however, was clear. Many parents do pay them and that has made them bold enough to approach parents directly without any fear and operate their scam. Even though many of those who pay get cheated, they can’t complain as there is neither any evidence nor do they want to be humiliated in public.