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Govt doctors threaten to resign en masse if retirement age is raised to 62


OST Bureau

Bhubaneswar, Sep 30:

Doctors owning allegiance to the Odisha Medical Services Association (OMSA) on Sunday threatened to resign en masse if the Odisha government went ahead with its decision to increase their retirement age from 60 at present to 62.


“The government move will result in retaining a handful of medical administrators no way involved in patient care for two more years. These highly-paid administrators are not clinically active. So any move to reward them will not help the general public. It will only result in draining the state exchequer,” OMSA president Chandan Garhnayak tldo reporters here.

Decrying the state government’s decision, Kishore Chandra Mishra, general secretary of OMSA, said it will result in stagnation in the careers of middle ranking doctors as the seniors will hold on to their positions for an extra two years. “We will be forced to tender mass resignations,” he said.

Instead of raising the age for superannuation, Mishra suggested the government take steps to lure newcomers into the profession. “Time and again, the government is recruiting new doctors. But a majority are not joining due to career stagnation,” he said.