New Delhi, Dec 29:

Union Information and Broadcasting Minister M Venkaiah Naidu on Thursday rejected a media report claiming the Narendra Modi government lobbied with an international rating agency for an upgrade.


“I have read the report… said Naidu to request for comments on international news agency Reuters’ report “How India lobbied Moody’s for ratings upgrade, but failed”.

Defending the government, he said: “Any agency makes its rating on the basis of information made available to them. So, what is wrong if any concerned ministry or department tried to make available any information to them.

“At the end of the day, rating is done by them (agency). There is no question of the government influencing anybody, we are just trying to place the facts before them.”

“Several agencies have increased our ratings in many parameters like ease of doing business etc. Its a periodical review and as and when things happen, we try to place those facts before them,” Naidu added. (IANS)