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Government advisory for Indian students in Cyprus universities


New Delhi, May 16:

The government on Monday advised Indian students seeking admission in universities and institutes abroad to check the background and reputation of such institutions following reports of malpractices by some universities in northern Cyprus.

Pic. teachinguru.com
Pic. teachinguru.com

“Instances of malpractices have recently been reported by the Indian students who took admission in some universities in the northern part of Cyprus,” the external affairs ministry said in a statement.

“In particular, complaints have been received against ‘Cyprus International University (CIU)’ that has reportedly asked for additional fee from the Indian students after they took admission at that university,” it stated, adding that some students have also raised questions about the credibility and recognition of the courses offered by the university.

“In general, students seeking admission in universities and institutes abroad are advised to check the reputation, ranking and background of the institution and conduct thorough research as to whether the certificate/degree granted by them is internationally recognised, and in particular in India.”

The ministry also advised that the website of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU)’s should also be checked for this purpose.

“The contractual obligations, terms/conditions, fee structure for the course proposed may be studied carefully and if possible, Indian students already studying there and the Indian mission concerned may be consulted before taking the final decision and making any payment to the universities/institutions or their agencies,” the advisory said.

As for universities and institutes located in northern Cyprus, it said that due to political factors, the officials of the Indian high commission in Nicosia were not in a position to visit that region or maintain any contact with the authorities there.

“Thus, if Indian students studying there face any problem, the officials of high commission in Nicosia will not be in a position to intervene to help the students,” it cautioned.

“The Indian students desirous of studying in any universities or institutes in the northern part of Cyprus may kindly take this information into account and consider studying in suitable institutions in other places,” it added. (IANS)