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Google Play gets another Indian game


New Delhi, Sep 1:

US based Junglee Games on Tuesday said it was launching another Indian theme-based game called Arranged Marriage which will add to the current low number of Indian theme-based games on Google Play.

Google-Play-Heartbeats-2Play Store has unavailability of local content when it comes to India in the casual games category.

The game will force the character (boy or girl) to run with the other gender chasing it with a garland.

The moment the user’s character fails to cross the hurdle, the computer operated character will swoop down to garland the user’s character.

“The 25MB download game will also act as a social message. We are not against arranged marriage but against forced marriages,” Satya Mahapatra, chief marketing officer of Junglee Games, said.

Junglee Games was founded by Ankush Gera. He has already released three Indian-based games earlier – Junglee Teen Patti, Junglee Rummy and Howzzat Cricket. (IANS)