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‘Goli Soda’ boys reunite for a film on educational system


Chennai, Oct 30:

The four boys who played the lead in this year’s Tamil blockbuster “Goli Soda”, have reunited for Tamil film “Vajram”, which will deal with the problems prevailing in the educational system.

Photo Courtesy: timesofindia.indiatimes.com
Photo Courtesy: timesofindia.indiatimes.com

Sriram, Kishore, Pandi and Kutty Mani will be joined by newcomer Bhavani Reddy in the film.

“The story will focus on some major flaws in our educational system. It will be about how the right to education has become a business in this country. I’ve tried to address this problem through the eyes of four teenagers,” director Ramesh Selvam told IANS.

Selvam feels it would make sense to address the problem from the perspective of the teenagers.

“A hero in this film would’ve made it very cliched. People would expect him to fight for the cause. I didn’t want to tread that path. Since it’s a problem faced by the children, I felt it would be wise to say the story from their perspective,” he said.

The four boys had previously also worked together in “Pasanga” and “Marina”.