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It’s golden era for today’s singers: Mika Singh


Mumbai, March 27:

Mika Singh, popular for his peppy numbers, believes present times in showbiz are the golden era for today’s singers.

Pic Courtesy: www.mid-day.com
Pic Courtesy: www.mid-day.com

Mika told IANS: “Today’s period is the golden era for all the singers. It’s a great phase wherein everybody is getting a chance to prove themselves. Earlier, there were hardly five to six singers and the other singers were jobless.”

“Today, there are so many singers. It’s such a great change. Every one has their own set of fans.”

Mika, known for songs like “Mauja hi mauja”, “Aaj ki party”, “Jumme ki raat” and “Gandi baat”, also feels the exposure for singers has increased nowadays.

He said: “The audience is very aware these days. They are not concerned about how I am in my personal life… As long as I deliver good work, they are happy. The exposure has also increased over the years for singers as they can just record a song and put it on YouTube.” (IANS)