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Gold, diamond deposits traced in Boudh district in Odisha: Minister


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, July 12:

Geological survey has revealed deposits of a variety of gem stones, gold and diamond in Boudh district in Odisha, Steel and Mines minister Prafulla Kumar Mallick informed in the State Assembly here on Friday.

Prafulla Mallick, Minister, Steel & Mines
Prafulla Mallick, Minister, Steel & Mines

Replying to a question by Mahidhara Rana, he said as informed by the Steel and Mines department, there have been traces of gold deposits along river beds of Mahanadi and Tel rivers in Kudagan, Janhapanka and Ramgarh areas of the district.

However, the volume of gold deposits in these areas has not been ascertained, he added.

The minister also said that there have been deposits of topaz, zircon, moon stone and agate in Boudh-Ramgarh area, garnet, topaz and tourmaline stones in Boudh-Kantamal area and blue and green tourmaline in Baragochha area of Boudh district.

Besides, the district has also manganese deposits in Sitalapani and Dhebermal areas, zeolite in Baisipada, Ramgarh, Krushnamohanpur and Radhanagar, and pegmatite in Kalasulia, Gopalpur, Sakamala, Kanapa, Bijamari, Didingipadar, Saleipahala, Goudisahi, Sialimunda and Ambajori areas, Mallick said.

The district also has deposits of graphite, china clay, quartz, silica sand and lime concord which the state government has leased out to various private agencies, the minister informed the House.