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Goa mining crisis should be resolved quickly: Modi


Panaji, June 14 :

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Saturday said he has told his ministers to solve the Goa mining crisis, adding mining in the state should be restarted quickly.

“I have told my ministers and their staff to pro-actively work to find ways and means to resolve the mining imbroglio as soon as possible,” Modi said.

Goa MiningMining in Goa should be restarted quickly and be modernised so the mining process becomes “faster and better”, Modi said, adding it will help more people get employment.

Modi who was in Goa to attend a defence ministry function besides three other programmes organised by the state government and the party’s state unit, also said he was distressed workers from mining companies were jobless due to the 18-month-long mining ban.

The Supreme Court banned mining in Goa after a judicial commission exposed a mammoth multi-billion dollar scam.

The ban was lifted some weeks back, but mining has still not resumed as the state government is in the process of forming a mining policy as directed by the apex court.