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Goa Congress leaders told to take dip in the Ganga


Panaji, Oct 16 :

Goa Congress president Luizinho Faleiro has advised senior party leaders to “go, take a dip in the Ganga” to cleanse themselves of their sins and turn around the crisis of credibility and charges of corruption against them.

In an interview to a news channel Wednesday, the newly-appointed state Congress chief, a former permanent invitee to the Congress Working Committee, recommended a dip in the Ganga river for party leaders who have “sinned”.

“What happens when you sin, you go to river Ganga, take a dip and try to cleanse your sins. Sometime you have to do penance, but you have to start anew,” Faleiro said.

The Ganga is considered a holy river by the Hindus and a dip in the river is considered a soul cleansing experience.

Faleiro Tuesday took charge of the state Congress, which has been reduced to an unprecedented single digit nine in the 40-member state legislative assembly.

His appointment follows a revolt against his immediate predecessor John Fernandes, whose short, but dramatic 10-month tenure, saw disciplinary action against several tainted Congressmen, some of whom were also sacked from the party.

Incidentally, the same leaders were present on the dais with Faleiro Tuesday, when he formally took charge of the party in the state.

Faleiro also said it was time that the party and its leaders learn from their mistakes and make efforts to correct these.

“(We have to) learn…learn from our mistakes. Try to correct ourselves. Accept mistakes in all humility. Go back to the people,” Faleiro said.