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Girls outshine boys in Class 10 CBSE exams


New Delhi, May 20 :

Girls once again have outperformed boys in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Class 10 examinations, the results of which were declared Tuesday.

“Girls have done better this year as well. The girls have a pass percentage of 99.06 percent, compared to the boys, which is 98.74 percent,” CBSE public relations officer Rama Sharma told IANS.

The overall pass percentage was 98.87 percent – a marginal increase from last year’s 98.76 percent.

A total of 1.32 million students appeared in the examination this year, which is an increase by 5.51 percent over 2013.

In the national capital, boys recorded a pass percentage of 97.88 percent, while girls recorded a pass percentage of 98.81 percent. Delhi’s total pass percentage was 98.31 percent.

Of the 317,534 registered candidates in the national capital, 3,17,163 appeared for the examination and 311,818 passed.

The highest pass percentage, 99.96 percent, was from Thiruvananthapuram where girls recorded a 100 percent pass percentage while the boys’ pass percentage was 99.94.

Guwahati at 92.63 percent had the lowest pass percentage of students. A total of 93.1 percent of girls passed their examinations while the figure for boys was 92.19 percent.

Of the 4,348 candidates who appeared in the examinations in Guwahati, 7.37 percent appeared for re-examination, which was the highest in the country.

Delhi was second as 1.63 percent of the 5,160 candidates who appeared for the examinations, gave a re-test. The lowest percentage was recorded in Thiruvananthapuram at 0.03 percent.

The CBSE is the national board of education for public and private schools and conducts final examinations for Class 10 and 12.

The CBSE also launched the second phase of its counselling Tuesday which aims to address the psychological problems of students.

Students can dial a toll free number – 1800 118 004 – from any part of the country to get centralised access to the CBSE helpline.

Chennai recorded four cases of cheating – the highest in the country followed by Panchkula with two, and one each in Thiruvananthapuram, Allahabad, Dehradun and Bhubaneshwar.

Patna, which had the maximum cases of using unfair means last year, had the cleanest slate this year, recording not a single incident this year.