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Gateway of India significant for Sidharth, Abhay and Parineeti


Mumbai, Feb 7 :

The iconic Gateway of India has always been a symbol of huge pride for all Mumbaikars, including Sidharth Malhotra, Abhay Deol and Parineeti Chopra, who all have some memories attached with the place.

As a part of an initiative to honour the monument, HISTORY TV18 will be showcasing a special episode on the history on Gateway of India in the show “Mumbai in a New Light”.

The monument was lit up Jan 24 as a part of a collaboration between Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) and Philips.

The episode will also feature actors Sidharth, Abhay and Parineeti who find themselves attached with the iconic tourist spot in one way or the other.

“Gateway of India is one of the most iconic monuments of India and of course in Bombay, we have seen it in many Bollywood films where they show establishing shot of Bombay there with the pigeons flying off. The first time when I went there, I tried the same thing to get pigeons and shoo them away and try and imagine that shot in my head,” Sidharth said in a statement.

Gateway of India
Gateway of India

Parineeti also visited the monument when she came to Mumbai for the first time.

“When I came to Mumbai for the first time, within a few days I remember, as a tourist, I went to the Gateway of India and in fact I went on the ferry for a small round, so it was a great thing to do at that time,” she said.

Abhay’s connection is a bit different. The actor remembers it as a part of a movie schedule.

“I remember during the shoot of ‘Zindagi’s’ (‘Zinadagi Na Milegi Dubara’) last number, ‘sooraj ki baahon mein’ I think…it was shot in Alibaug and to go to Alibaug you have to catch the boat, so the Gateway of India is always your one point to alight,” he said.

The special episode will provide an insight into what went into the making of this historical monument with interesting anecdotes from the great grandson of the builder of the Gateway. The show also features never before seen footage of events that have taken place at this historic location.

The episode will be telecast Saturday.