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Funeral rites of Odisha govt performed. Know why


Bhubaneswar: Politicians resorting to gimmickry to woo voters, attract media attention is nothing new, but this one was unique — hundreds of BJP Mahila Morcha workers draped in white sarees holding the funeral of Naveen Patnaik government in Odisha capital today.

Demanding justice for ‘Kunduli gang rape’ victim, who committed suicide, BJP Mahila Morcha workers led by their State unit President Pravati Parida in white robes carried a bier with the symbolic corpse of Naveen Patnaik government on it shouted slogans criticizing the State government for failing to give protection to women.

Mahila Morcha workers also carried earthen pots and maintained other paraphernalia as per tradition in case of a funeral procession and marched from BJP State headquarters towards State Secretariat.

Protesters later set fire to the effigy of Naveen Patnaik government.

“In Odisha women are not secured. Here they are raped in broad daylight while perpetrators move scot free. How long will Naveen government deceive women? Therefore, we feel Naveen Patnaik government is dead. Naveen has no right to continue in government,” stated Pravati Parida, president, BJP Mahila Morcha State unit.