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370 families evacuated as floodwater enters Sundargarh


Reported by Malay Ray
Sundargarh, Jul 11:

About 370 families in Odisha’s Sundargarh town had to be evacuated to relief centres and given cooked food after flood waters of River Ib entered the district headquarters town on Saturday.

File Pic Courtesy: ndtv.com
File Pic Courtesy: ndtv.com

Hundreds of house, mainly in low laying areas of the city, have been marooned after incessant rains on Thursday and Friday amounting to 278 mm. The situation was particularly bad in areas like Rani Bagicha, Munda Pada, Masjid Pada and Mahatia Pada and Mahavir Pada in the town.

The condition worsened after flood waters entered in the Regent Market area on the town main road through the main drain which falls into river Ib.

Locals have expressed severe resentment over the situation.

“The whole town is flooded. This problem happens every year. It is due to drainage problems. Whatever water comes, the entire water flows through the main road.  Every year houses get submerged, but nothing is being done for its alleviation,” said Manoj Kumar Sahu, a local resident.

Executive Officer of Sundargarh municipality N Srinivasan, who visited the affected today, area said the flooding was because of clogging of drains through which flood waters get drained off.

“The main drain alongside the main road has several bends; no special plan has been drawn for it. The main road has been handed over to PWD department for construction. Encroachers have encroached the drain at several places resulting in choking. We are very soon going to remove the encroachments,” said Srinivasan.

Water logging has been reported at the pump house and water treatment plant of the Public Health Engineering Department affecting piped water supply in the district headquarters town.

Due to rising of back water, the pump house located in the river bank have been marooned as well due to which the water supply system of the city has become defunct. District administration however has started taking initiative on a war footing to rescue the affected people and resolve the crisis.

“Initiative have been taken and majority of the affected people have been shifted to the  relief center,” said B.S.Punia, Collector, Sundargarh.

Water has also entered the Obstetrics and gynaecology ward of the district headquarters hospital.

“Water has entered the hospital’s wards. Both we and the patients are facing difficulties. Shops are closed. There is nothing to eat.  How we are going to survive since nothing available here? All shops are closed due to floods. With water all around in the day time, it can be managed somehow. But how are we going to stay here in the night?” asked a woman attendant at the district headquarters hospital.

“Today morning I have held discussion with regard to cleaning of drains etc. anticipating raining season. Drains will be cleaned, blockages removed and open drains will be covered,” said Sushil Kumar Kar, CDMO Sundargarh district headquarters hospital.