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Fishermen excavate river bed for livelihood in Odisha


Balasore: Being disappointed with administration’s inaction to their longstanding demand, hundreds of fishermen excavated the river bed for their livelihood in Balasore district in Odisha.

As many as 600 fishermen excavated upto 4 km of the Panchubisha River for free movement of their trawlers in the river for fishing.

The fishermen have been fishing in the sea for years for their families in Bahanaga area of the coastal district. As the river bed deposition poses as hindrance in movement of trawlers sailing into the sea from jetty, hundreds of fishermen live under poor condition.

Apart from during high tide in the sea, they could not able to go to the sea with their trawlers for fishing.

They approached the local administration, legislator and minister over the issue, but all their efforts yielded no results.

Finally, the fishermen decided to excavate the river bed in their own efforts to carry out their occupation.