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First date? Try these places in Odisha capital

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Bhubaneswar: Odisha’s winters are perfect for day outs and some time off. It is also an amazing time to go out on the date you have been wanting to. Odisha capital has countless numbers of places you can try out for your first date!

Here are some places you can try out:

Smelling the Coffee – The word ‘date’, always brings in a picture of coffee in our mind. Isn’t it? Though cliche, it has a queer romantic feel to it. Cafe Coffee Day, Brew Bakes, Brew Berry, and Cafe Frespresso, are some of the cafes in Bhubaneswar that provide the perfect coffee date ambience.

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Delightful breakfast – Early morning dates can make your day. Ditch the lunch or dinner plans and go out for breakfast with your date. Cha Ctea, BOCCA cafe, and Chai Break are best places you can go to on a first date in the city. (Boys, please do not forget the red rose).

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Book cafe magic– If you’re dating a book lover, bookshop cafe is your place! A good book on the table with light food and an engaging conversation shall do the magic. Bookshops in our city have cafes where you can buy yourself some snacks and beverages. Oxford Bookstore and Walking Bookfairs are two places you can try. Do not forget to gift your date a book!

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In tune with nature– Dates in open places are a bliss. Beneath the open sky and amidst the chirping of birds, sitting on a bench enjoying a warm conversation, is one of the most beautiful things. Spend your evening date in Indira Gandhi Park or your afternoon sitting in the Botanical garden. You can also take home-cooked food for the date, which is sure to add an extra charm.

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‘Gufta Gu’ with Chai – ‘Chai’ can never go wrong on a date! Especially in a weather like this, evenings at Cha Biscuit and D Tea Junction, having tea in ‘kulhad’ will make your date more special. You can also try Chai Break or Cha cTea if you plan on a ‘tea’ date during lunch.

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First dates are very special. Do dress up well, use gentle perfume, and carry a smile. Good food and good conversation will set the mood for a wonderful date! Do not forget the thin line between being flirtatious and being creepy; keep up the good sense of humour but avoid anything uncomfortable. P.s.- Be yourself!