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Film ‘Rasagola’ to uphold Odisha’s claim of its origin      


Bhubaneswar:  At a time when Odisha and West Bengal are still entangled in a war of words over Rasagola, film producer Akshay Parija has decided to make a film on the the syrupy sweet.

In his film, Parija, who had earlier moved court over the origin of Rasagola, will illustrate how the sweet delicacy was actually invented in Odisha.

The flick titled ‘Rasagola’ will feature the centuries-old Puri Jagannath temple and Badadanda (Grand Road) setting against a backdrop of 12th century with the use of graphics. The film will be of a big budget, said Parija at an event last evening.

However, the filmmaker did not divulge further details on the shooting and release date of the movie.

Asked about biopic ‘Rosogolla’ being produced in West Bengal, Parija said, “Rasagola was originated in Odisha and has a history of almost 600 years in the State. The Bengali movie is based on a love story. My film aims at making the sweet delicacy a worldwide brand.”

The Bengal’s movie is slated to be released on December 21.