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Film is judged by trailer: Sanjay Gupta


Mumbai, Sep 20:

Film promotion in malls and markets seem frivolous to filmmaker Sanjay Gupta, who has a “meticulous” city tour plan in place to promote his next project “Jazbaa”.

pic couresy: www. indya101.com
pic couresy: www. indya101.com

His film marks the comeback of actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to the silver screen, and it also stars Irrfan Khan. Needless to say, the buzz around “Jazbaa” is already quite palpable.

Sharing his views on film promotions, Gupta tweeted: “What is everyone’s obsession with seeing stars in malls and markets in the name of promotions. Don’t we see them enough on TV and the net?

“I grew up when there was no satellite TV and internet. No stars came anywhere to promote. Yet we saw every film we wanted to. There is a very long list of films that went to every nook and corner of the country to promote and sank without a trace at the box-office.”

Gupta cited ase example the success of Aamir Khan’s “PK”.

“Which mall did Aamir Khan go to promote it?” he asked. “The smartest ones are not marketing strategists. It’s the audience that knows and smells a film just by its trailer.”

Talking about the plans for promoting “Jazbaa”, he said: “We have a fantastic team at ZEE STUDIOS handling JAZBAA marketing and promotions that I have full faith in. And they will do all it takes.

“Instead of blindly going to every city, there is a very meticulous city tour plan in pace to create maximum impact of JAZBAA. So chill n :-)”

The film releases on October 9. (IANS)