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Figures debunk govt claim on ‘surplus’ blood plasma


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Cuttack, May 7:
Health department officials, State Blood Transfusion Council (SBTC), Odisha State AIDS Control Society (OSACS) and Health minister Dr Damodar Rout would have us believe that the blood plasma sold to Reliance Life Sciences was ‘surplus’ and would have ended up in the drain as it was nearing their expiry date. But a cursory glance at the demand and supply position at the Cuttack Central Red Cross Blood Bank (CCRCBB) here tells an altogether different story.
The data sheet prepared by the Cuttack Central Red Cross Blood Bank (CCRCBB) with regard to demand and supply position of blood plasma units for the months of March and April for submission to Cuttack collector Girish SN suggests that demand for blood plasma far outstripped availability, proving that the claim about ‘surplus’ stock of plasma to justify the sale to Reliance was a ‘red lie’.
According to sources, the CCRCBB had received requisitions for 3,059 units of blood plasma in the months of March and April, but could only provide 1,799 units – a short fall of 1260 units (41.19%). In March, the blood bank had received requisitions for 1481 units, but had managed to supply only 834 units, a short fall of 647 units (43.69%). The supply position was only marginally better in April when it could supply only 965 units as against a requisition of 1578 units, a short fall of 613 units (38.85%).
The statistics leave no room for doubt that there was an acute shortage of blood plasma units at CCRCBB, forcing it to turn down requisitions. It also proves that the 200 units shown as ‘surplus’ and sold to Reliance Life Sciences were actually denied to patients who needed them most and given to a private company for profiteering.
It is now quite evident that the argument offered by the departmental secretary, SBTC and OSACS authorities that blood plasma was getting wasted is untrue and strengthen suspicions of a shady deal between the company and the authorities.
Meanwhile, there are reports that CCRCBB authorities have been turning down patients with requisition for blood plasma in the last two days since the media came out with the story. Patients complained about being provided with one or two units when there was a requisition for four units.