By Thinpin*

Clad in a super white shirt, Odisha’s ‘top banana’ Pappu Pom Pom looked every centimetre a model for detergent soaps when he was allowed to step into the fortress lorded over by the all-white Pappu  Sr on a Sunday.

Pom Pom, after all, is a smart ‘toka’ and knew the least he had to do before joining the club of the greatest all-white leader in human history was to look white.

It was truly a great union of two great actors- one on-screen and the other, off-screen.

And when both emerged together, the special invitees with the cameras, who were kept waiting for the ‘big moment’ did not know who to focus on. Weren’t they the two most popular characters of the great Odia race?

Throughout his 97.5 seconds of on-camera glory, Pappu Jr kept staring at Pappu Sr’s super-white kurta, wondering – ‘inka kurta mere kurte se jyada safed kaise hai?’. He, in fact, thought of asking him but chose not to. When the entire media and the whole of AICC cannot find even a spec of dirt on his glowing robe, there must be something divine about it, he said to himself.

Although 18 inches shorter, Pappu Jr had no reason to feel dwarfed. Pappu may be a six-footer but surely not someone who can dance, act and what’s more, make people laugh like he can do. But he was in for a shock, soon enough.

The great leader, who appeared stone-faced all this while, had a magical transformation 3 milliseconds before the camera threatened to roll.

In a flash, he was all smiles as he spoke about how pleased he was to induct Pappu Jr to his band leaving the latter’s jaws wide open for 3.5 seconds.

And as soon as the cameras stopped rolling, Pappu Sr’s face shrunk back to the statue format in just 2 milliseconds.

Pappu Sr is known to the outside world as the author of three coffee table books , a painter who can draw only lotus flowers and of course, as one of his journo cronies once said, someone who gives Lord Jagannath a run for His money when it comes to  popularity.

But very few, including may be one or two babus of his kitchen cabinet, know of Pappu Sr’s phenomenal histrionic talent.

“Sir, I thank you from the deepest core of my heart for taking me on board,” he muttered softly as he sought to take leave of the White God.

“Wait,” he said as he ordered him to follow him to his sprawling drawing space.

Thrilled about rubbing shoulders with the Messiah of the Odia race for a few minutes more, Pappu Jr was about to settle down on the sofa when his 18 inches taller namesake delivered the bomb:

“People tell me you are a top Odia comedian, but can you beat the world class comedians in my party? No, you can’t. I know you dance pretty well, but can you do it better than my ministers? No, you can’t. You are a good actor, but if you want to be a great actor, you must come here for lessons. Do you understand?  Now you can go,” Pappu Sr said as he did a Sreesanth and walked away.

Pappu Jr blacked out for a moment.

And as he collected himself and trudged back to the exit door, he felt something within him had changed for good.

Was it enlightenment? Or a painful realization that he was too small a fry when it came to acting and stand-up comedy?

Can Pappu Jr make people laugh after this? Or even laugh himself?

Difficult to guess, really!

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