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FBI to train Indian counter-terror experts


Mumbai, May 19:

The FBI will train Indian counter-terror experts and prosecutors on how to request for evidence from the United States through the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) between the two countries, an official said here on Thursday.

pic: fox6now.com
pic: fox6now.com

A upcoming two-day MLAT workshop is scheduled to be held in Mumbai by the US Embassy’s Federal Bureau of Investigation Office of Legal Attache through the US Department of Justice and FBI in collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs and Mumbai police.

It will focus on case-specific requests in order to expedite India’s demand for evidence located in the US for use in Indian-based investigations or cases.

The workshop will give Indian prosecutors and investigators opportunity to work with their counterparts in the Department of Justice and FBI to learn the best practices for requesting evidence from the US.

FBI’s current investigative techniques used in the US for securing digital evidence in ongoing investigations from US-based Internet service providers and social media companies will be showcased during the workshop.

“With the growing use of the Internet by terrorists for operational planning and recruitment, Indian law enforcement has been at the forefront in anticipating and neutralising these threats,” according to FBI Legal Attach Ashish L. Sawkar.

The workshop will provide the Indian investigators and prosecutors direct access to the attorneys at the Department of Justice, who will execute requests for digital evidence in support of extremely important efforts in India to counter such online threats.

In recent times, the Department of Justice and FBI have provided substantial assistance to India in the ongoing probe into the Pathankot airbase attack in January. (IANS)