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Father-son duo forced to eat human excreta in Odisha village


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Jagannathprasad, Jun 19:

In yet another case of superstition taking over conscience, a man and his son were on Wednesday allegedly beaten up and forced to consume human excreta suspecting them to be practising witchcraft at Dungapalli village under Jagannathprasad panchayat in Odisha’s Ganjam district.

pic: www.bio-cleanse.com.au
pic: www.bio-cleanse.com.au

The alleged sorcerer, Bhagirathi Mallik, works as a priest of village deity of nearby Agyanprasad. His elder son—Kartik– works in the fields and occasionally assists his father in his religious activities.

Since last few days, strange incidents happened in the village which took the villagers by surprise. Some village women were behaving abnormally as they were seen dancing and screaming aloud in front of their houses in the middle of the night. The inhabitants presumed it to be an act of evil spirit and suspected the father-son duo to be behind the abnormal behaviour of the women.

Earlier on Monday on the occasion of Raja celebrations, similar incident happened in the village and one of the women named the duo of practising sorcery which elucidated their doubts on them.

As per reports, on Wednesday night, one Baji Behera’s wife forced into Mallik’s house and beat them up while Bhagirathi was having dinner. When they resisted, Surendra Behera, Biji Pradhan, Ramesh Behera, Narendra Behera, Dibi Behera, Baji Behera, Banua Pradhan among others pulled them out of the house and thrashed them mercilessly. The infuriated villagers took the duo to Brahmanidevi temple and made them swear on God to prove their innocence.

The vigilantism did not end there. They dragged them to the village end and again beat them blue and black.

After thrashed them to their heart’s content, one Surendra Behera allegedly extracted tooth of Kartik forcibly and one Banua Pradhan purportedly forced the duo to eat fecal matter.

They had threatened them of kill them if they dared to inform the police.

Meanwhile, no arrests have been made so far.