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When Farah Khan yelled at Vivaan Shah


Mumbai, Oct 14:

Young Vivaan Shah got a taste of director Farah Khan’s strict ways on the set of the forthcoming entertainer “Happy New Year” – as did the other cast members.

Farah Khan
Farah Khan

Farah, also known for her fun-loving and exuberant personality, can be quite uptight and strict when it comes to getting a perfect shot from her actors.

Ask her cast about it!

When the “Happy New Year” team visited the set of “Comedy Nights With Kapil” for a promotional visit, Abhishek Bachchan revealed how Vivaan almost went “deaf” with Farah’s yelling sessions, while Shah Rukh Khan quipped that Farah thinks that upon her own cue ‘action’, she has to kick all the actors!

“Farah ko lagta hai – ‘lights, camera, ‘action’!” (kicks in the air),” said SRK while shooting for the show.

Apart from Farah, SRK, Abhishek and Vivaan, actors Deepika Padukone, Boman Irani and Sonu Sood too were present on the Colors’s show.

Boman said Farah can be a “real khadoos (rude)” when she sits on the director’s chair and also said that he gets really scared when Farah has the mike in her hand.

When Farah had had enough, she said: “Movie khatam hui hai, isliye yeh aise behave kar rahe hain! Don’t worry, mein part two bhi toh banoongi! (The movie is over, that’s why they are all behaving this way. Don’t worry, I’ll make part two of the movie as well.)”


Nervous? No more, says Hrithik

You’d expect an actor to get a tad nervous before a film’s release. But for Hrithik Roshan, ‘nervousness’ is a feeling that doesn’t exist anymore.

The actor was surprisingly calm and cool before “Bang Bang” had hit the screens Oct 2.

Asked if a movie’s release still makes him as nervous as he as when his debut film “Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai” was going to release in 2010, he told IANS: “No, that has changed inside me. I’m no longer nervous, because in the beginning, the focus was always whether ‘I’m good or not? What will people say about me? Will they like me or not?’

“But that’s all past. Now I focus on how happy I can make the people, how I can contribute to the industry…and if they like it, I’m happy about the smiles on their faces. If not, then I have to just keep going on and better it the next time. So it doesn’t affect me now.”

Well, as far as the response to “Bang Bang” is concerned, the box office figures indicate that Hrithik has managed to spread a lot of happiness among his fans through the entertainer. The film is ready to cross Rs.300 crore mark.


Shraddha dances away even with injured leg

Dedication is a rare virtue — and Shraddha Kapoor seems to have it in hordes. The young actress didn’t step back from performing at a recent awards function despite an injured leg.

At the recently shot Star Box Office India Awards here, Shraddha staged an entire dance performance without creating any fuss.

“Her spirit was undeterred and seeing it, the choreographer designed simple hip-hop steps for her,” said a source.

Shraddha was among the several star performance at the awards ceremony, which recognised achievements of Hindi films at the box office. The event will go on air Oct 19.