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Facebook says sorry after rejecting dad’s ad to help baby


New York, Sep 11 :

Facebook has apologised to a father after rejecting his advertisement on the social networking site asking people to donate money for his two-month-old son’s heart transplant.

FacebookHudson Bond has been diagnosed with the heart disease called cardiomyopathy (pertainng to abnormal heart muscle).

Bond’s parents sought Facebook’s help to raise $75,000 needed for the surgery by posting the baby’s photo in a hospital bed, ABC11 reported.

Facebook replied to the ad, saying the photo was “scary, gory or sensational and evokes a negative response”.

“Images including accidents, car crashes, dead and dismembered bodies, ghosts, zombies, ghouls and vampires are not allowed,” it replied.

Later, Facebook issued an apology, allowing the photo to stay on the site.

“I read Facebook’s response on media outlets. They apologised for the inconvenience this caused my family,” father Kevin Bond said in a Facebook post.

According to Facebook, the post could now be boosted to amplify its reach.

The family has so far raised almost $30,000 for Hudson’s heart transplant.