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Facebook love: Beau lands in PS after being rejected by girlfriend in Odisha


Bhubaneswar: Love on Facebook turned out to be mirage with an incident reported from Bhubaneswar where a youth was rejected by a girl whom he wanted to marry after falling in love through chatting on social media.

The lover, who had brought bangles and sindoor for the girlfriend with a hope to tie the knot with her after their first meeting, landed in police station where he was warned in presence of her and returned home with broken heart.

According reports, the couple had fallen in love with each other on Facebook and decided for marriage. They wanted to meet physically somewhere in the city. As per the plan, they fixed the date and venue for meeting.

The couple had their first meeting at Jayadev Batika on outskirts of Bhubaneswar on Thursday. They were happy to meet each other physically. However, the girl changed her decision and refused the youth’s proposal for marriage when she came to know that the beau is an auto rickshaw driver.

Rejected by girlfriend, the youth forced her for marriage and tried to put sindoor on her head. With no option left, the girl called up the police for rescue.

After receiving call from the girl, Khandagiri police reached the spot and brought the duo to the police station.

However, the girl did not lodge any written complaint with police against the youth regarding the incident. The police left the youth warning him not to cross her way in future.