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Facebook launches new chatting application


Madrid, Nov 25:

Facebook launched Tuesday a new chatting application worldwide called “Rooms” which simulates traditional internet chatting rooms, enabling users to chat with strangers on specific topics.

Facebook“Rooms”, which has been active in the US since last October, will be available in Spanish, French and German, in addition to English, for devices that operate iOS software, and soon will be available on android devices as well.

Josh Miller, product manager of Facebook Rooms, told Efe news agency that they discovered that personal interests may not amuse friends, and people generally do not feel comfortable sharing their interests on Facebook or Instagram.

The new app, created by the Facebook Creative Labs Unit, aims to connect people with common interests so they can exchange ideas and resources, and is inspired on internet forums, Miller said.

“Rooms” is intended to be a tool to share ideas and helpful resources for hobbies, rather than a platform to make friends.

It allows the creation of theme rooms in which photos and videos can be posted, with open or restricted access.