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Facebook comments on Odisha Press Club’s Sania Mirza show



Sudhir Pattnaik

Let me make a departure from Modi for the time being and bring your attention to Media in Odisha. The newly formed Corporate Press Club of Odisha is celebrating Odisha’s misery in a different way. They are truly professionals-cyclone or flood, nothing can shake them. They organized a show with Sania Mirza in the morning and right now a cocktail party is going on at Mayfair Hotel. The corporate princes, who are ruling Odisha today and who are also behind the formation of such a Press Club have fully sponsored the event. The media barons have ensured that their employees from all over the state including from the areas affected by cyclone and flood take part in the morning event. Everybody seems to have been paid. If you want to know the real meaning of insensitivity, please come to Odisha and talk to the honourable members of our media fraternity. You will fully understand its meaning.

Sahasranshu Mahapatra

This is what happens when the bloody pxxxx rule the space…..

Debendra Prusty

Today hundreds of journalists left their duty in flood affected villages of the state and gathered at a star hotel to take a glimpse of tennis beauty Sania Mirza. They are ordered to do so by their employers and office bearers of a Press Club.

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Adv Dillip Kumar Nanda


Sagar Satapathy

It’s unfortunate that we are still unable to take the right step forward towards the formation of a real PRESS CLUB where the journalists can raise their voices. Let’s take the plunge ASAP.

Saubhagya Panigrahi

sambadika mane ebhali nirdesh debeni, kebala bepari mane hin ebhali nirdesha debe. press club namare jeun bepari mane ekjut heichhanti, semane journalist nuhnanti. semane silpapti o rajneta jeunmane mediaku kebala dhala karuchhanti

 Ashribad Rauta

very sad. when half of Odisha was facing most difficult time of the history, some so called Editors will listen “women in sports the way ahead” from Tennis beauty Sania Mirza. For this activity of Editors, Odia journalism losing it’s prestige and respect.


Bijaya Jena


Prakash Rath

Odishare journalist mane bahut sasta o subidhabadi. Boss mane kahile b Swaviman boli kichhi nahin’.

Chittaranjan Mishra

u know better – Why

Hrushikesha Mohanty

shows their standard …

Ashish Dey

Press is commercial and competitive . Journalists do not survive on Govt grant or social relief. They must cater to the demands of the readers .

Rajaballav Mishra

never worry. This is our system.

Bidyadhar Panda

very sensitive

Debadarshi Nayak

Very nice

Debadarshi Nayak

As our political leaders, so are our Media leaders.

Sudeep Guru

Our press is after what only sells. Either they sensationalise issues like poverty and child sale or they resort to soft materials like those of the celebrities. This is sheer aping of the Western Media. But you have raised valid points.

Sunil Panda

I can not understand what will come out of such a move?

Debadutta Mohanty

Raja karya prathmo dharma.

Sudhir Pattnaik

Right journalism !!!

Muktikanta Satapathy

Mata Jadi Bisham Dadyat. Pita Bikrayate Suta. Raja Harati Sarvatra Ka Kasya Parivedana.

Bivash Mohapatra

This is what Journalism meant by…….. OPPORTUNISM

Asfak Alli

How sad !

Abinash Mohapatra

Sania Show …….ha…..ha….ha ! so this is the real job of so called press club .

Samarendranath Mahapatra


Krushna Kumar Mohanty


Vivekananda Dash

when their employers were busy rubbing shoulders with d glamor gal, there must be some loyal onlookers to cheer them !

Vivekananda Dash

When Odisha is reeling under cyclone & flood, our media barons r mad after glamor of d daughter-in-law of Pakistan with d support from corporate houses. Development of sports is just a pretentious plea.

Pratap Kumar Mohanty

My Question is …

Is the Press Club really thinking for the Journalists Odisha ? Then many grass root journalists are now in trouble. They have been struggling since Phailin. But the Press club is here with SANIA MIRZA !!!!!!!!!!

Samarendra Baliarsingh

FB Friend asked me what’s d breaking news?…So what is d b news?…I thought, it’ll be (1) It’ll rain for 2 more days..no no it’s nt breaking, it is now usual(2) People strive for relief, such condtn is worse than 99 S cyclone..no no, it’s nt breaking. So what is BREAKING?(3) Our Press Club enjoys Sania Mirza’s presence, discusses abt d dev of sports!..

Ashok Kumar Paikaray

Our Corporate Houses used to sponsor Cultural Events in Star Hotels, difficult to support while Odisha People struggling with disaster

Prasanna Mishra
#SaniaMirza—I have noted avoidable comments in the media on the visit of Sania Mirza to Bhubaneswar. This gifted player brought glory to India; she represented India’s youth power and inspired many Indian girls to move towards excellence in various fields. I would request friends for restraint and avoid observations that would dilute her attainments. She is a guest and deserves to be treated with affection and respect.

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Prasanta Patnaik
You are very correct Prasanna Bbau. There was no harm in visit of Sania Mirza to Bhubaneswar. She deserves to be welcomed. But her apathy towards the suffering of the calamity affected people.invited criticism. . The timing of her visit was not proper many felt. I think some people gave unwanted comments on her marriage etc. which should be condemned.

Baibhav Mishra
It would be encouraging if Event Organisers maintained little austerity for some days. No complains with Mirza. But it is agonozing to witness Money squandered lavishly on vainglorius activities, at an hour of unconsolable disquietude for Lakhs!

Debadarshi Nayak
She is very beautiful. She loves India and marries Pakistan. She can only build the peace and friendly bridge between two countries.

Biswajit Mohanty
Rungta Group, Serajuddin % Co., MGM group, Aditya Birla Group, Tatas were the sponsors at the mega event held in Bhubaneswar to honour Sania Mirza ! It was a great opportunity for these mine looteras who owe thousands of crores to the state government for mining loot to rub shoulders with an international sports star!

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Tapan Padhi
Good occasion for our Media men

Cma Ananda Mohapatra
Sir this is more Politics……………But Is it International !!

Arundhati Rout
and press club of Odisha relishes…

Tapan Padhi
Mauj karibaku aau gote certified platform for media like bbsr club !


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