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Exclusive: Ollywood power couple Anubhav-Varsha to split!


Bhubaneswar: Known as Ollywood’s power couple, Anubhav Mohanty and Varsha Priyadarshini have ruled the hearts of fans with their chemistry on and off screen for years now. They have starred in movies together, been there for each other through health and sickness and quashed all rumours regarding their relationship time and again.

However, recent social media updates of the star couple spell trouble in paradise. The actor-politician seemed to be irked with something/someone and vented out his irritation on Facebook and Instagram.

Similarly, Varsha took to Instagram and advised her fans to always walk an extra mile to save a relationship and spend time doing noble work.

Both of the above posts sent a ripple of worry among the fans of the Mo Duniya Tu Hi Tu actors as the speculation of an impending split between the two is on an all-time high.

Though rumour mills have been working overtime with alleged linkups and resultant cracks in the otherwise rock solid marriage, Ollywood’s no.1 jodi have always been tight-lipped about gossips and speculations and have been very vocal about their affection for each other. Varsha had even requested her fans on social media not to post derogatory comments about her husband.

In an exclusive to Odisha Sun Times, Varsha said, “We are so busy with our lives that there are times when we hardly get any time to spend together. However, that does not mean that something is amiss. We are two individuals who deal with a number of people on a daily basis. Every status update we put up is not about us. I am really thankful to all our fans who have shown solidarity and supported us throughout.”

While every marriage is known to go through a rough patch, the aam janta especially the netizens are now adept at reading between the lines, spotting chinks in the armour or identifying hypocrisy. The fans of Anubhav-Varsha are rooting for their happily-ever-after-till-eternity, but the fate of the golden couple of Ollywood and their fairytale romance seems to be in doldrums.