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Ex-Odisha DGP Marik pocketed 7 Cr from D-brothers, says Anadi Sahu


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Feb 23:

War of words between former Police IG Anadi Sahu and former Police DG Sanjeev Marik continued today as Sahu alleged Marik to have pocketed seven crores from arrested Dhalasamanta brothers.

sanjeev marik

“Marik had direct relations with Dhalasamanta brothers. On one occasion, Rs 2.5 crore had been transferred to his account from the brothers. Overall, transactions to the tune of Rs 5-7 crore had been made. Marik’s now transferred stenographer Rabindra Sethi used to take care of his illegal transactions and invest them at various places. He had asked Sethi to meet the gangster brothers in the court and ask them to not reveal his name,” said Sahu.

“He also had relations with various other criminal elements and visited the Khuntakata farm house of Nirmal Rout – an aide of the D- brothers at least once. On another occasion, he allowed a criminal named Bhajana to build a 35 feet tall Ganesh statue overriding the DCP’s decision against it. He must have made some money from it.  Besides, he used to extort money from builders of Bhubaneswar. The amount could go up to Rs 10 crore as per information provided to me; however, I haven’t been able to verify them yet,” he added.

Marik dismissed Sahu’s claim and labelled him “out of mind”.

“I am tired of refuting his charges. In past four days he has levelled four kinds of allegations against me. Why doesn’t he produce any evidence? Being a former police officer he knows where to go. Why does he continue to give media bytes? I guess, he loves the attention. I will take the matter to the court as I sense vested interest behind this,” Marik said.

Speaking about Sethi, Marik said that 3-4 stenographers used to work for him and Sethi was no special case. Besides, he was not in contact with him post retirement.

Rabindra Sethi claimed that he knew one of the gangster brothers as both were batch mates. However, he denied speaking to them while they were being taken to court or having any financial transactions with them. Besides, he added that he has no knowledge of the reason of his transfer.

“I was nearby to do some shopping. I saw the crowd and went there out of curiosity. Some of the cops present there told me that D brothers are being produced in the court. I went near them, but didn’t speak to any of them. There were many senior police officers around them- who would vouch for it. I am a small time employee who has 11 years of service left. These allegations are tarnishing my image in the department and outside,” said Sethi.

Police DG KB Singh explained that Sethi was transferred as he was in the same place for 10-12 years and his performance had been unsatisfactory. He also added that his connections with D-brothers would be investigated, if any link comes up.