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Ex-Odisha DGP case: FIR lodged against CM, Vig director


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Jun 27:

The Utkal Bharat president Kharavela Swain today lodged an FIR against chief minister Naveen Patnaik and Director, State Vigilance, Kanwar Brajesh Singh in the Capital Police station here in connection with the Vigilance case against former Director General of Police (DGP) Prakash Mishra, which was quashed by the Odisha High Court recently.

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“In the FIR, I have mentioned that the Odisha High Court, which had quashed the case against Mishra recently, had observed that the State Vigilance had deliberately and willfully registered a one-sided case against Mishra to satisfy his higher-ups. Besides, the court had also said that honest officers like Mishra are made victims by the political leaders in India. My question is, who is this political boss?,” Swain told reporters after his return from the Capital Police Station.

He said such is the audacity of the state government that it has not taken any action against the Vigilance director till date in spite of the stinging criticism by the High Court.

“Therefore, I decided to lodge an FIR seeking action against the chief minister and the Vigilance Director for hatching a criminal conspiracy against Mishra with special reference to the High Court order,” Swain added.


  1. Now it is quite clear that the so called White collar CM Naveen Pattnayak is under the cloud of a chain of corruption. People of Odisha have been observing since a year that whenever any BJD minister or Party Member is suspected of involvement in corruption,Naveen Babu always says one of his trade mark statements that THE PARTY HAS SACKED HIM/HER or THE LAW WILL TAKE ITS OWN COURSE.

    Now who has the authority to say so AS NAVEEN BABU does always say for others in this context regarding the allegation on his name and fame, none other than the India’s most respectful institution ,THE COURT OF LAW.

    Will Naveen Babu will resign now taking the entire responsibility on his own shoulder?It seems the last breath of BJD in Odisha came to came to the brink of destruction.

    All these seem the curse of LORD JAGANATH for alleged irregularities at the time of performing ritual of NABAKALEBARA.Let us wait and watch that How KALIA reacts on them who Played fun and game in the name of WORSHIPING LORD JAGANATH.

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