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Enhanced security in Odisha Secretariat a nightmare for visitors


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Jul 7:

After a woman employee of Odisha Secretariat was threatened by a knife wielding youth, security in the state’s power centre has been tightened to an unprecedented level. The common visitors, in the meanwhile, are having a tough time waiting for passes and going through the enhanced security scans.

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As per the new rules, temporary pass holders are being allowed to enter secretariat only via Gate no-4. Their vehicles, however, are not being allowed in.

While the security staffs were seen using barcode readers to check validity of passes, the baggage were checked manually by security staff and female security personnel were deployed to check female visitors near gate no-4.

Earlier, people without passes used to get into the secretariat as pillion riders or co-passengers of people with temporary passes. Also, they were allowed to enter the secretariat from all the gates. All that is now history.

Police Commissioner Rajendra Prasad Sharma is taking no chances and has recently spoken to secretariat security in charge SS Batallion ACP Ayub Khan and Inspector Shekhar Mohapatra to tighten the security even further in order to avoid any untoward incident.

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“We are going to tighten the security even further and will implement vehicle checking at two different gates as it is being done in the parliament. We will also install baggage scanner and supply our staff with metal detectors for more efficient monitoring of security,” said Sharma.

The visitors, however, are not enthused with the new security moves. After this new rule made it mandatory for each person trying to get into the secretariat to have a temporary pass, the queue in front of the pass issuing counter has become unusually long and many are seen waiting for hours.

Many other visitors, many of them trying to get to the Urban Development department, complained that they were being denied passes and appointments after the threat incident.